This is my demo reel, "Coveman T.V."

These are my latest animations from 2008-2009: A World with Lasers, A Beautiful Room, I-talian, Fridays, Cheeze Whiz Cafe, Just Another Blonde, and Sing No Evil. Click over the title to view movie.

This is my college thesis "Pearl" finished in 2004.


This a Lexus commercial I put together for the highwayman Robert Butler's book "40yr Retrospective"....

This the starts of a sculpture of another character from my future project. He is a corrupt cop that works in the precent with the captain. No more wire and bones. He has some good muscle systems coming in now. I am really enjoying this process of starting with the muscles and building up from there. Finally got the armature covered and the shoes are pretty much all set. The pants are work in progress but they are almost complete.

This is a sculpture of Supersonic I made in sculpture class. I had to revisit Supersonic because the first one came out decent but it wasn't exactly what I wanted to make. It was a blend of the old design from Sonic 2 with some modifications to translate into the 3-D world. I made the sculpture over my holiday break one year so it was a little rushed. So this was my chance to redeem myself and the idea with my own design for Sonic. Here are some images of the sculpture. He's a little top heavy but I will try and remedy that issue before I bake him and paint him.

This is a scuplture of a character I created for a future project. He is a police captain. I have finally finished the sculpture. I put him in the oven over the weekend. Here are some work in progress images to finished images.

Here are some pictures of the female figure sculpture I made for a class I'm taking as part of my training. We used a live model for reference in class.

Here is my comic "Mr. Fallback." This is a comic strip about two guys trying to figure out the little nuances of life as they approach the middle-aged years. Mr. Fallback(Right) is the nick name for the main character who is a pessimist that looks for things to never go his way. Coveman(Left), which is his closest friend, is passive, carefree and is more of an optimist. Even when things don't go Coveman's way he usually has a positive or worry free spin on things. The characters discuss a number of subjects as they hang out at various restaurants with their small group of friends that come and go.

Random Comics- Mr. Fallback


Here are some of my paintings....

Coveman Coasters are available for order. Created from original artwork by Maurice Bennett

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Here is some life drawings I've done. Just recently I have completed this drawing of a gator I created for an auction.

Here are a couple videos taken while I was finishing the drawing. Video was taken artist Sam Butler and his gators below.


Gator Black and White Prints are available for order.


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